Levi.com 2015 Redesign

In 2015, Levi’s® commissioned AKQA to revamp a few pages on levi.com. The brief focused predominantly on the Product Detail Page, where they asked for some solutions to help the overall UI, as it was small and cluttered—with a ton of sizing and color choices. Additionally, Levi’s® wanted a ‘Fit Guide’ added to the page, to help inexperienced jean-shoppers realize that there is a wide variety of jean fits, cuts, and styles.

For the PDP UI, we solved Levi’s® concerns by containing everything within the background image. We utilized CSS animations and creating smart, minimal drop down menus for sizing and quantity—and larger, collapsing/expanding thumbnails for the many color options. For the Fit Guide, we added a ‘Fit Comparison’ right below the header; so when the user would hover options under ‘Fit’, they would see a jean that was either looser or tighter than the one they were currently viewing.

Levis® was happy with the results we produced for the PDP, and as a result we got asked us to tweak and modernized the Sub Category- and Grid pages.