Email design

When I joined DSC in 2015 their email system was in the midst of a makeover. They were sending out approximately 2-3 emails/week, which didn’t do much for customer growth, nor business revenue.

With oversight from Head of Digital Design who owns platform and .COM stylings, I created templates for a variety of modules that helped ease process and development time—making us able to double weekly email creation. We also worked out a way to integrate seamless full-bleed images and gifs to headers, making emails richer and heightening the brand’s quality perception. I also introduced How To-modules, which helped Members understand best product use. (The response for these modules were overwhelmingly positive, and was added to a few DSC product page galleries, and as part of Customer Services visual help guides.) Lastly I also created a cohesive Email Style Guide, making it quick and easy for new designers to take on email tasks.

In addition to layout, I arranged most shoots for image creation, and worked on post-production and finalization of assets. (Shoutout to my handsome colleagues for stepping up as models.)