The Live In Levi’s® Project

In 2014 Levi’s® came to AKQA with an ask to create a digital solution that would allow the brand to reconnect with their core customer. Our solution was The Live In Levi’s Project: A digital, social experience, exploring the fascinating stories from—and of—people around the world, living in their Levi’s®.

We created an immersive digital platform, that highlighted editorial storytelling through influencers within music, fashion, and culture. To keep it fresh and inclusive, we called on Levi’s® fans through social media to share their own stories, using #LiveInLevis. We further drove traffic to the project with paid media. On the Live In Levi’s® website, we highlighted UGC with an added layer of e-commerce, making the platform a fully functional, shoppable experience.

I played a key role with the “How To”-videos; I helped form and write the scripts, style the featured looks, and scout talent. In addition to the videos, I was in charge of the entire global paid media production, for both Live In Levi’s® and the Men’s/Women’s promotional content throughout the three years the project ran. During all the Live In Levi’s® campaigns, I lead social content ideation and creation, from concepts, to shoot, and prepping of final assets.

New submissions every 2.7 seconds

20% increase in average order value on

25 million social impressions

1.1 billion global PR impressions